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Little Bumper Skier

Slope Tickets - Buy Now

$26.00  Monday - Thursday Slope Ticket 

$27.00  Fabulous Friday Special Rate 

$34.00  Saturday Slope Ticket

$26.00   *NEW* Twilight Saturdays - 5p - 9p               

$30.00  Sunday and holiday Slope Ticket              


BUY NOW Season Passes & Flex Passes:                                                           


Equipment Rentals

$23.00  Daily Ski Rental  (1)(7)(11)

         Toddler size 8 smallest boot size

$33.00  Daily Snowboard Rental (1)(2)(8)(11)

         Minimum Weight 40lbs

$10.00  Daily Helmet Rental (1)(2)


$60.00  Private Ski or Snowboard Lesson per student: (3)(4)

$40.00  Private Ski Group Lesson per student: (3)(4)(9)

$35.00  Semi-Private Lesson per student: (3)(4)(10)

Group Outings

If you are interested in hosting your group with us, please email one of our group coordinators by clicking here.

Please Note: All items are Ala Carte, lessons do not include tickets or rentals unless implicitly stated at time of purchase.


(1) Must be 18 years or older to rent, or have a parent or legal guardian present at time of purchase and rental.

(2) Deposit required, Credit Card and State issued ID.

(3) Must be registered in advance online

(4) Deposit required for lessons, lessons fee due at time of booking.

(5) No pre-registration allowed for Group Walk In lessons.

(6) Helmets required for all students in lessons under the age of 9.

(7) Ski Rental Includes: Boots, Bindings, Skis, Poles

(8) Snowboard Rental Includes: Boots, Bindings, and board

(9) Private Group Lesson is designed for your family/friend group.

(10) Semi-Private group will have people who are not in your family paired with your group.

(11) Equipment rentals are final. No switching once you purchase a rental. Must purchase new rental in order to change equipment from

ski to board or board to ski.

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