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Features Status

Corrugated Pipe


*New* 20FT Tube *NEW*


Elbow Waterfall Rail

Down Flat bar



Flat up Rail

Trench to pole jam


Corrugated elbow quarter pipe


Four Lakes offers a challenging Terrain Park for skiers and snowboarders of all skills levels. We constantly rearrange and adjust features throughout the season. Below is a list of our different features and their level of difficulty:

Features Descriptions

Wide flat box: B
A short, wide box. Our easiest feature.

Flat Box: B
Same length as our wide box, but narrower width.
The feature is still wider than a width of a snowboard.

Wide box (2 pieces): B
2 sets of boxes that can be setup in a variety of angles.
It is traditionally setup as a flatdown.
The width is wider than a snowboard.

Skinny RQ box (2 pieces): B
Same as our wide box, but narrower.
The width is about as wide as a snowboard.

Upflat box: B

The box width is wider than a snowboard.
The box goes up and then kinks flat.


Flatbar Rail: I
A 20’ rail where the top part is flat

Corrugated pipe: I
A wide round pipe that has ridges. We have two of them that vary in length. The large circumference allows for a good transition from a box and practice for a round rail.

Down Rail: I
A 20’ flatbar rail. The end has a 5” donkey to mimic a street rail.

Handrail: I
A 20’ round rail. The end has a donkey to mimic a street rail.

Downflatdown rail: A, DownFlat: A
A 40’ overall flatbar rail. The rail kinks twice and are mellow angle transitions. The rail goes downflatdown. The rail can be detached in half where it can be a downflat rail and another rail. The downflat rail measures at 15’ down to 5’ flat. When connected together, the rail measures 15’ down, 6’ flat, 19’ down.


B = beginner
I = intermediate
A = advanced