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Holiday Hours

Monday - December 20th 2021 - Monday - January 3rd 2022

Hours for the 2021/2022 season holidays:

Sunday - Thursday: Open: 10:00am | Close: 7:00pm

Friday and Saturday: Open: 10:00am | Close: 9:00pm


Regular Hours of Operation

Tuesday - January 4th 2022

Hours today: Open: 4:00pm | Close: 9:00pm


Midnight Madness

To Be Determined



Monday - January 16th 2023

Hours today: Open: 10:00am | Close: 7:00pm

Super SnoFest

Saturday - February 11th 2023

Events for Super SnoFest Hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm


Football Themed Event -

        Discounts for dressing to theme

        Tailgate Barbeque throughout the day

        Live Music

        Big Air Contest - 3:00pm

        Rail Jam - 4:00pm

        Dual Race Course

        Product Demos

        Torchlight Parade - 8:05pm

        Fireworks Display - 8:15pm

Midnight Madness

To be Determined


Presidents Day

Monday - February 20t4 2023

Hours today: Open: 10:00am | Close: 7:00pm


Puddle Cup

To be Determined

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